HK Hash House Harriers Cool drinking if not binge running. or 如不跑山時, 我們會飲啤酒
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    • Run: 2450
    • Date: 30th May
    • Location: Tong Yin Street (Tui Keng Leng),114.2555751,17z
    • Hare(s): The Trail Master
    • Special Feature(s):  A to A run.   For anyone coming by mtr there will be arrows to the start from Exit A2 of Tui Keng Leng Mtr.
    • Bus: Yes.  usual time, usual place (see below).


    If in any doubt, call the trail master 5685 9502



    If you are visiting Hong Kong or you live here and are keen to join this esteemed body of men, then why not give it a try and turn up as a visitor – HK$100 for a great run and as much piss as you can drink, can’t be bad!. Runs always start at 18h unless announced differently here above.

    If the instructions on the ‘home’ page are not clear to you, please mail any of the members on The Committee and they will give you assistance. Remember its GENTLEMEN only.

    When a bus shuttle is provided it leave at 17h15 sharp (unless announced differently here above) and the location is at Edinburgh Place between the General Post Office and City Hall in Central.


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