The 2019/20 Committee

Patrick Twomey


Joint Master 1
Paul Barton


Joint Master 2
Eric Chan


Cultural Attache(s)
Sam Cheng, Chunder Chan, Ah Duk, Ah Kong, James Ma, Willie Wu, Eric Chan, Gary Lui, Tiger Tong

Sam Cheng

Hash Ca$h
Chunder Chan


Alan Knowles


Paul Collier

931_H4 Stonecutters 1987 602 (2)

Chris Simpson


Steffen Bach Clausen


Committee responsibilities


God.  All powerful. Responsible for everything.  The buck stops here.

Joint Master 1

Demi God.  But only when the GM is absent and the JM steps up to the plate.  Other than that is responsible for anything the GM delegates to him.

Joint Master 2

Demi God.  But only when the GM is absent and the JM steps up to the plate.  Other than that is responsible for anything the GM delegates to him.

Cultural Attache(s)

Experienced hashman and Far East traveller (usually an ExGM).  Responsible for:

  • All arrangements for the annual hashaway

Hash Ca$h

Hash Quids.  A grown up job.  Responsible for all things financial, including:

  • Overseeing an orderly handover of cheque signatories with HSBC

  • Ensuring that monthly subs are paid

  • Ensuring guest fees are collected

  • Ensuring bus fees are collected

  • Ensuring Carlsberg/Bus/other invoices are paid

  • Planning ahead for H4 financial commitments such as AGM/special events/committee runs

  • Providing a concise financial report for inclusion in the AGM Mag


Chronicler of runs.  Writer of deathless prose.  Handy with a phone camera a plus.  Responsible for:

  • Writing and issuing the weekly newsletter asap after the Monday run

  • Keeping the H4 newsletter distribution up to date

  • Liaising with the Trailmaster over details of next week’s run for inclusion in the newsletter


Online Guru.  H4’s answer to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  Responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating the H4 Website weekly

  • Maintaining and updating the H4 FB Page weekly

  • Uploading Hash Photos to the H4 Website

  • All matters IT


Hawkeye. Seeker of virgin trail.  Without him none of this works. Responsible for:

  • First and foremost ensuring there is a hare for each week of the hash year 

  • Pairing newbie hares with experienced trail setters

  • Adhering to guidance from GM as to favoured run locations

  • Maintaining and updating the “Hareline” spreadsheet

  • Liaising with scribe and HashIT to advise on forthcoming runs/locations

  • Issuing weekly reminder email of next week’s run details


Hash blow job.  Responsibilities include:

  • Remembering to bring the horn to the run

  • Blowing the horn to call other runners on