HK Hash House Harriers Most Royal and Ancient Hash in Hong Kong or 如不跑山時, 我們會飲啤酒

    A Hash Run should normally be A to A. Remember not everyone comes on the bus and some arrive late. A to B Runs should be avoided unless it has a special feature (eg runs that start at Lamma Pier and then end up on a Junk)

    The intention is that the Hash runs together, not to lose people! The purpose of the marks apart from indicating the direction of the run is keep the pack together. The checks are not meant to lose/confuse the Hash. Also try to anticipate what may look simple and obvious in daylight may become complex or even dangerous in darkness.

    Use plenty of flour and chalk and at regular intervals.

    Check Marks

    Marks are made in flour, chalk or toilet paper tied to trees (esp if rain is expected). Try to make regular and clearly visible marks to avoid anyone getting lost. Don’t forget it’s a run not a game!


      On Trail Arrow ( A closed number 4)
    Chalked on walls or other hard surfaces to denote that you are ‘On Trail’. A shout of ‘On On’ or ‘On Trail” or a blast on the ‘Hash Horn’ should be given. Normally used on roads or for city runs as flour sometimes gets swept up.
      Check BackFalse trail – go back to the Check and start looking again
      Flour Blobs
    Regular blobs of flour denote that you are ‘On Trail’. If rain is suspected mix rice into the flour.
      Split ArrowsTrail can be in either direction. Both directions should have flour/arrows. The false one should have a check back after no more than 100m
      Open Check (preferred)
    From here, you have to find where the trail goes next – it could be in any direction! It could also be further back. As soon as you find blobs of flour or arrows, you’re on trail (within 100m of the check
    or less in jungle or crowded urban areas). There should not be multiple trails from an open check. As soon as ‘On On’ is heard, then someone should kick out a mark in the check to denote the direction those following should take.
    On On”This should be marked in chalk to show the correct trail has been found. If you are checking do not call “On On” until you see this marking. Call “Checking” or “Checking On Trail ” or “Checking on Nothing” (if you cannot see any marks !)
      Multiple Trail Check (“Closed Check”)(Use sparingly eg when necessary to detract from an obvious route)
    The trail should be in the direction of one of the arrows (there may be more than two arrows!). False trails should be closed off with a “Check Back” mark and not just left to disappear. Spare a thought for the back runners and those coming late. Once the trail has been found someone should scrub out the false arrows to denote the direction of the trail for those following.
    On Home”This should be marked approx. 500m from the end of the run. Remember it’s dark and the laggards are relieved to see this!